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Will's Mountain School of Dance
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Please leave your name, e-mail, and a brief message and we will get back with you at our earliest convenience. Thank you and may God bless you.  
Will's Mountain School of Dance
Hours - hours may change this fall


4:30 PM - 8:30 PM

8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
P.O. Box 47 11625 Mount Savage Road 
Corriganville, MD  21524


We do not have a studio phone number.  If you would like to contact us please e-mail us, find us on facebook, or stop in on the days we are open.  Then we will respond with a contact phone number.  Thanks.  
To contact the Will's Mountain Cloggers about performing at your event, please e-mail or call, leaving a message of the date and time.  The Company needs at least a 20 ft wide by 15 ft deep space to perform.  Preferrably not on blacktop; however it does need to be a hard surface in order to hear our taps.  We have our own sound system.  If your facility has one, please leave that detail in your message.  We need a monitor that faces the performers, in order for the performers to hear their music.  For non-profit organizations we ask for a donation.  If your event is not non-profit, then a fee is asked.  The money earned by the Clogging Company goes into the members individual accounts to pay for costumes, transportation to events, and other fees.  These are some items that make our performances successful.  Thank you for having an interest in the Will's Mountain Cloggers and we look forward to performing for you!
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