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Will's Mountain School of Dance
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Welcome to all those returning to the studio and to those new students joining our dance program. We are excited to see what is in store for this year of dance, believing that God will direct us into another wonderful year. Every one of you is so special to us, and we want to thank every one of you for all the prayers and support. We certainly have something special at WMSD and you are part of that. Here is a list of rules and regulations that need to be followed in order for us to have a successful year.

Our services include (each one may have different instructors):
• 30/40 min. of tap/introductory clogging, ballet, jazz, and some fun for beginners (but in a very structured setting)
50 min. of clogging
50 min. of hip hop 
50 min. of ballet

***Parents: Understand we (our STAFF), may be correcting your child in class to only help them and encourage to do there best.  Thank you for entrusting our staff to coach your children.  We are the professionals. :)

A lesson costs $33.00 a month. Any additional lesson costs $15.00 a month. We have worked very hard to keep fees the same for many years. Even as all other expenses increase, you can count on low fees at WMSD. There are several payment plans to choose from. Our family plan allows the second child to dance for $27.00 a month. ABSOLUTELY no refunds from the studio. 

When paying with a check, please pay for costumes, shoes, and lessons with separate checks (a separate check for each).

Lesson fees are due the first lesson of every month. There will be an $8.00 penalty if lesson fees are not paid by the third lesson of the month and a $30.00 extra charge for returned checks. We understand it is tough, but on a personal note, we do not have the finances to pay the studio expenses out of our pocket. Therefore, your lesson fees take care of those expenses. If there is a problem, we will work with you, please communicate with us. (e-mail: toner@markerman.com) There are several payment plans to choose from.

$15.00 registration fee will be expected upon the first lesson. (Included in this is a $5.00 cd/dvd fee that will provide your child with a copy of their recital routine, a $5.00 one call now fee that will provide you with unlimited updates from the studio, please provide a number you can receive messages at, and a $5.00 registration processing fee.)

$50.00 towards costumes is required this year in September. This is so that we can order the costumes early to avoid them coming in late. Costume slips will be given out later. Then the remainder of your fee will be due. The approximate cost (for 1 child costume) is around $100.00. More than one costume may be expected, we try to find sale costumes and make the cost as economical as possible. You may make payments each month. Beware of waiting until December to pay your costume bill, because of the holidays. No costumes will be given out unless they are paid in full. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE!  

As a parent: I/we agree to support the studio with my/our prayers and with a positive attitude. Complaints or negative comments will be shared only with the teacher, directors, or person involved and not with my/our child or other people, following the Matthew 18 principle.

There are choreography fees and travel expenses for highly competitive teams.  

Sometimes we take certain classes (Tues. 6:30, 7:20, Clogging Company, & Hip hop) to competitions in Cumberland ($9.00 per dance), Bedford ($10.00 per dance), or other cities. If your child is part of a recreational competitive team or highly competitive team and participates in local, regional, and national competitions, then your competition fees are due weeks before the competition.  

Attendance is important in order for the whole class to be ready for the recital/competitions. You must have an excuse for missing more than two classes. Also, please arrive on time!

Parents may only watch from the TV screen in the parent room.  (Also, parents are responsible for their children in the locker room and parent room.)  

All students need to wear modest proper dance attire. A body suit, tights, biker shorts, dance pants, sweat pants, and tee shirts are appropriate dancewear. Please no jeans or jean shorts. Also, please no showing of the stomach. No sweatshirts on the dance floor when it is hot out. Hair should be pulled back out of the face. (CLOGGERS: It shows commitment to come ready to dance in appropriate dancewear.) During cold weather, leggings and tracksuits or sweatpants are allowed. I would strongly advise against spending large amounts of money on dancewear, as the students are on the floor and mats during class. IF YOUR CHILD ARRIVES IN JEANS THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN CLASS (this is for their safety)!

Shoes: We usually wear black taps shoes for tap/clogging. More advanced cloggers wear white jingle clogging shoes. Young ballet classes wear pink ballet shoes. More advanced ballet class wears lyrical sandals. Hip Hoppers currently are wearing white silver sequined shoes for recital and tennis shoes for practice. 

We have an annual recital that will be held in May/June (May 31, June 1, & June 2). It is Friday 7:00 p.m., Saturday 6:00 p.m., and Sunday 2:00 p.m. Rehearsal is the Thursday (May 30th) before. Probably at Frostburg State University again this year.  

When Allegany County schools are let out early or cancelled for bad weather, dance classes will also be cancelled. A “One Call” will be sent to inform you that classes are canceled. The studio is still open if school is closed due to a holiday, unless otherwise notified.  We do not make up the lesson unless notified.  

1 routine at a time – (It is best to take things 1 routine at a time. If the team completes the routine after lots of hard work, then we may learn another routine, but most of the time a class will perform one clogging routine. The focus on each aspect of 1 routine is important. Do not determine how well your year goes based on the number of dances you do. We are looking at quality not quantity. Take advantage of other spotlight times in the recital like, “Daddy Dance,” “Rise and Shine,” “Intros,” and “Finales.”)

Seminars and workshops will be taking place again this year. What an opportunity for you to participate in them with your team. Clogging Company must attend these great opportunities, so you advance with your team.  

Follow the dance year calendar; it is there to give you a heads up. However it is subject to change!

Last but not least, the studio is a Christian atmosphere with Christian dance instructors and staff. The Cloggers motto is “We Clog for Christ.” We at times talk about how God works in your child’s life and what talent He has given them. We will be using Christian music for some choreography as well. We stand on the principles of encouraging self-confidence and self-esteem. God has given us this studio to do His work and if it were not for His grace, we would not have this opportunity. Even though we do make mistakes, we as a staff will do our best to praise His name and give Him the glory. 

Continue praying for the studio that its ministry lives on in our area for continuing years. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your child’s life. Classes begin the week after Labor Day. 
Will's Mountain School of Dance Look
When you come to dance you should be in proper dance attire. Here are some examples: T-shirt (no stomachs showing please), cotton or warm up shorts (no jean), sweat pants or warm-up pants, leotards with or without skirts and tights. No jewelry. Sweat shirts are permitted on cold days, however; please wear a t-shirt underneath so the sweat shirt can be taken off. No shirts tied around the waist. During the winter months, please dress in layers; warm-up suits are great. Please come to dance dressed appropriately, on time, and with your correct dance shoes.

WMSD Look                                                                                                                                           Not the Proper WMSD Look
T-shirts                                                                                                                                                   Sweat shirts when it is warm
Shorts                                                                                                                                                    Jeans (Absolutely no jeans)
Sweat Pants                                                                                                                                 Shirts tied around waist
Leotards/tights                                                                                                                                      Jewelry
Hair in a pony tail/pulled away from face                                                                                              Hair down in face

Will's Mountain Clogging Company Details
My Goal is to be in the Clogging Company someday!
Considering the Clogging Company? Read this and think first.
1. As a member you need to practice daily.
2. Attendance at lessons is a must; missing two per year is all that is allowed. Appropriate dance attire for Cloggers is a must; no JEANS.
3. The financial commitment can be at least $300.00 per year plus lesson fees. (Shoes, hair scrunchie, costume, warm-up, bag, etc.) There are several costume changes in the recital.
4. Occasional closed rehearsals (no parents allowed) and extra rehearsals are always a must.
6. The Clogging Company is your first commitment. (God and family are first, but I am talking about before skating parties, sleepovers, sleeping in, or television shows)
7. ATTITUDE - Always need a great attitude at dance.
8. Being a clogger is very hard work-if you don't know the dance; you will not dance at that particular performance!!!
9. We travel and perform at least once a month during the dance year, and you are expected to attend the performances. Competitions: The Cloggers attend many competitions and workshops that require fees and travel expenses. All competitions may not give us constructive comments.
10. Do you want to be a part of the company so you can just clog? The Company does much more than just clog, they do all styles of dance: tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, human video, etc.

Things that need to be considered: 
1.Have you had at least 3 years of clogging/dance instruction from WMSD?
2.Are you 6th grade and above?  
3.Do you have a job (depends on age)?
4.How do you rate clogging as one of your priorities? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
5.Would you go to Mason OH for a competition in May?
6.Would you go to Charleston SC for a competition in June?
7.Are you willing to participate in all workshops offered at the studio?
8.Would you commit to attend more practices a week?
9.Would you commit to attend team activities?
10.What is your commitment level? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11.Do you practice at home? How much?
12.What else do you do physically to help your clogging?
13.Did you miss practices last year? If so how many?
14.Have you missed team functions?
15.If you could go to the studio and clog one night with your clogger friends, or go see a movie with your school friends, which would you choose?
16.What is your favorite dance you have done ever?
17.Who is your favorite professional clogging instructor?
18.Do you love to travel far with the cloggers or is it just alright?
19.Would you go to NYC in two weeks if given the opportunity?
20.Do you help your parents pay for your fees?
21.Will you continue clogging after High School if in the area?
22.What is the best thing you have to offer to a team?  
Important: Those that are going to be considered on a competition team have to be willing to work their schedule around practices, if we are going to be good enough to compete with these highly skilled teams. “It is not when can you practice, it’s this is your practice, be there.”

1. We/I understand that the Will’s Mountain Clogging Company accepts all students on a trial basis only, and reserves the right to separate from the Company any student who cannot maintain the character standards and/or behavioral expectations of the studio.
2. We/I understand that my child will abide by the performance/competition rules as the director requests them (See the performance/competition standards).
3. We/I understand that my child and I are making a commitment to the team and understand that we/I should always be on time including putting shoes on and ready on the dance floor.
4. We/I understand that my child may only focus on 1 dance this year. After the routine is completed, the second routine may be introduced. We/I understand that my child and I are not to determine the year’s progress based on the number of routines she/he participates in.
5. We/I grant to the directors of the Will’s Mountain Clogging Company full authority and discretion in the discipline of our/my child. Discipline measures would include warnings or even expulsion from the Clogging Company. We/I understand we/I will be notified by a Company director. We/I agree to our/my child abiding by the discipline and WMSD dress look policies and procedures. Furthermore, we/I fully understand and agree to the policy that in-studio or out-of-studio use of drugs and/or alcohol and/or sexual immorality will result in expulsion from the Clogging Company. 
6. In making application for our/my child, it is our/my desire to have him/her attend the 2009-2010 DANCE year. We/I give permission for our/my child to take part in all dance activities, including workshops/seminars and competitions/performances away from the studio premises, and absolve the studio from liability to us/me for our/my child because of any injury to our/my child at the studio or during any dance activity. In case of accident or serious illness, we/I request the studio to contact us/me. If Will’s Mountain School of Dance is unable to contact us/me or if the circumstances indicate immediate action is required, the studio may make whatever arrangements in its judgment as required. We/I authorize WMSD to release my child(s) medical information to the WMSD staff on a “need” to know basis.
7. We/I sincerely pledge our/my loyalty to the aims and ideals of the studio and will bring all questions and concerns directly to the directors, so that they may be properly considered. Will’s Mountain School of Dance’s instructional mission involves working with the home in the overall Christian aspects of students. On occasion this cooperation between the studio and home may become difficult. To avoid such situations, the studio requires parents enrolling their children or to maintain enrollment to affirmatively support and cooperate with the studio. As a parent: I/we agree to support the studio with my/our prayers and with a positive attitude. Complaints or negative comments will be shared only with the teacher, directors, or person involved and not with my/our child or other people, following the Matthew 18 principle. I/We understand that if at any time the studio determines, in its sole discretion, that my/our actions do not support the ministry, or reflect a lack a cooperation and commitment to the home and studio working together, the studio has the right to request a withdrawal of my/our child(ren). I/We understand this behavior brings the team down.  
8. We/I accept full responsibility for the financial requirements for our/my child(ren) to attend the Will’s Mountain School of Dance Clogging Company. We/I understand that any payment not paid by the 3rd lesson of the month will be charged a $5.00 late fee. If lesson fees become one month delinquent, the student or students involved may be dropped from enrollment in the company.  
9. We/I understand that my child is not to have a cell phone on the dance floor and allow it to be a distraction.
10. We/I understand that neither my child nor I should put anything pertaining to WMSD such as video or pictures on the internet, youtube, or other public media.
12. We/I understand that my child is not to have any suggestive material on the internet including myspace, facebook, youtube, etc that would compromise my child’s testimony for the clogging company.  
13. We/I understand that their may be a choreography fee that will be expected to be paid for certain highly competitive teams. 
14. We/I understand that clogger account money must be picked up by the parent and only after the entire outstanding bill is paid at the studio. Clogger account money must go to specific WMSD needs of the clogger. If you quit you do NOT get your money in stays in the clogger account.