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*You may use PAYPAL to pay your fees.

Please click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" Button to use Paypal.  Please put the dancers name and what the payment is for (registration fee, lessons, costumes, competition fees are just some examples)  in the description box during the transaction.

WMSD Payment Plan Options
Pay for Lesson Fees
o We do have a website www.willsmountaincloggers.com The calendar on that site is kept up to date with the schedule at the studio. Please utilize this for planning your year.
o The registration fee is not refundable.
o Lessons are $30 per month for each class. There will be a $5 late fee accessed each month the lessons are not paid for before the second week of lessons of each month.
o Payment plans must be decided by the second week of September. If you do payment plan #2 or #3 then those payments must be made on time. If they are not made before the second week of lessons on the month they are due there will be a $10 late fee accessed.
o Competition fees will be paid before the due date. If the fees are not paid by the due date then you will not be registered for the competition and therefore not able to do the competition.
o Costumes will be paid before the due date in November. If you have not paid for the costumes by then we will not order your costumes and you will not have it for pictures or the recital. Also, if you must return your costume, you will be charged return/shipping fees.  
o There will be absolutely no refunds if you decide to do a payment plan and then stop dancing during the year.
o If you decide to participate in more than one class the additional classes are $30 per month as well.

If you want to pay by payment plan please use one that we have made available.  Please do not make up your own plan or discounts will not apply.  Thanks for your cooperation.